Can someone please help me authenticate this Goyard Pouch

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  1. 60F14BD5-3E88-4183-BF38-699F08CB1706.png 98DFB472-69FE-4594-9A33-D8C2E5D3805F.png Hello everyone,

    Item: Goyard Senat Pouch
    Item Link:

    I want to purchase this Goyard pouch as a gift but am unsure if it is real. I did some research and it checks off as real for me but I wanted to be certain as it’s being sold on the Mercari app.
    35C4C147-7D32-44BB-A287-E666C42F76B3.jpeg C5643E80-CA44-43E3-BCA5-2FA6A7451DAA.jpeg
  2. Can you kindly post in the right section
    Thank you
  3. I’m not sure how to maneuver around the site. Where should I post this?
  4. Sub forum
    Authentication section
    And please read the rules too
    All the best
Thread Status:
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