Can someone please explain to me

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  1. What color is Blue Roi and what color is Blue India?

    Is the Roi blueberry and the India Blue/Grey?
  2. Correct! :smile:
  3. Are you getting one of these?
  4. I really want to get the Roi after I saw the city and the twiggy. What a great color.
  5. blue roi is dark royal blue while blue india is greenish blue check out the thread there are pics posted
  6. yiiiiiiiiiipppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - blueberry rules!!!! its the only b-bag colour i love this coming season!!!
  7. LOL! Helen!!! You are such a breath of fresh air!:flowers: Your exuberance has rubbed off a little on me:biggrin:.. I was feeling rather down today coz Australia was robbed, ROBBED, in the Aus vs Italy match in the World Cup. So thankyou! Your energy has helped lift my spirits.:flowers:
  8. Blue Roi (blueberry) and Blue India (blue-grey):
    Blueberry City.JPG bluegrey part time.jpg
  9. The Blue Grey is lovely. Reminds me of the ocean water in Hanalaei, Kauai.
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