Can someone please explain to me...

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  1. I look on eBay alot but never bought anything. If Coach doesn't sell wholesale to just anyone which I don't think they do, how can people sell boutique items new and 100 dollars off, don't they lose money ? I'm not talking about the fakes but real items.thanks, I need to know this answer because I want to buy either a Large signature Carly or a signature shoulder bag, the one with the front pockets and turnlocks but obviously I want to get the better deal. Thanks :smile:
  2. Outlets are a big place, plus stuff on sale at department stores, etc. Where they get the brand new in the boutiques stuff I don't know, but I always wonder if its stolen and resold to these people. I would love to know more. I know some people buy from wholesalers that sell overstocks for clothing, etc (stuff the dept store buyers didn't need), but I don't know if that applies to Coach purses or not.
  3. Many also buy and resell from stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls. There are also a lot of people who buy things, let them sit in their closet, never use them and then sell them to buy newer bags.
  4. people return new boutique items to the outlet and then, in return, those get discounted a bit.

    and i know a lot of people sell on eBay way below retail if they need quick cash.
  5. Haha I think that our higher-ups are trying to answer this question too. Court's answer is what I was gonna say. She took the words right outta my mouth!
  6. Some sellers buy at PCE and sell...
  7. PCE, Macys discount, Employees to a retailer of coach (whether it be coach, coach factory, dept stores or even in the past people with corp. accounts) and other things. It's ****ty, people lose their jobs from it and also people get banned from buying coach also.

    Just a reminder though, Nobody is authorized to resell coach- not on eBay, not in unauthorized stores etc. :hrmm:
  8. Why do people get banned from buying Coach? Is it cause they get caught re-selling items at a higher price? Or is is possible for someone to be banned because they are just simply buying too many things from Coach? Is that even possible? :confused1:
  9. I know at one of the Macy's stores I shop at they limit the number of Coach items you can buy at a time. Kinda like you can buy several different items, but not 6 of the same bag. Kinda like Star Wars action figures (LOL, my ex was totally into that.)
  10. Suspicious buyers, people who buy ridiculous quantity's of bags (the limit is 3 of the exact same item, ie. you could buy 3 black mini skinnies, 3 khaki etc). There are people who go to outlets and buy three of each bag and pay people to buy more! It's crazy, you'd also be surprised by how many people admit to selling on ebay!
  11. One of the things that always gives me a laugh on ebay is "Sold it in stores, not available on the website!!!" and most times it is something from a few seasons ago, or an outlet bag that was never available on the website to begin with.
  12. Ok, I was just wondering if I should be worried because I bought TONS at the last PCE, but it was all different items (no 2 of the same thing at all) and I kept the items for myself (at least the ones I didn't change my mind on and return). I was a Coach piggy for the last PCE. :lol:
  13. I think that is nuts! there have been a few months where I might spend 3-4K at Coach, but it's certainly not every month, maybe 2-3x per year. Now I'm all nervous!

    I may just have to pay cash and give a diff address next time
  14. I know I get paranoid about being considered suspicious sometimes. Sometimes I'll buy a bag, then keep it for a few months, never use it, and return it when something I like better comes along. Though normally I still have the receipt, so I don't think that's too much of a problem. Though last month I returned two bags that I didn't have a receipt for because they were gifts to me, and I already had those exact bags because I was impatient and bought them myself. Hopefully Coach won't think that's weird and ban me. *fingers crossed* I tend to buy at least one expensive bag per month. I probably average about ten a year from boutiques, then of course sometimes I go nuts at the outlets too.

    I've never been an Ebay seller though. All of those fees and no guarantee that you'll get what you want for a bag. Seems too risky for me. I'd rather just keep the bag. *L*