Can someone please explain this to me?

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  1. Why do some sellers do this? I had my eye on a bag, and asked the seller (very nicely and enthusiastically) for additional pictures, and all they say is, 'this bag is guaranteed to be authentic'. Of course they're going to say that, but I would be running for my camera if a potential buyer asked for another picture! I just don't get it. Some sellers seem like they absolutely cannot be bothered with selling. Or am I missing something?

    sorry for the rant.
  2. Maybe they're trying to hide something? I personally won't bid on a bag if I request additional pictures and the seller won't take them.
  3. I have no idea.

    Sellers, like bidders, aren't always logical or normal. You'd think that they would be very happy to be rid of their stuff. But, for some reason, that isn't always the case. Now, I know that some of the larger sellers won't give you extra pictures because the pictures are taken by independent contractors so it isn't like they can just casually snap you a few more because you felt like you needed more. They have large businesses that they are running and don't just have the bag handy and the time available to do it. If the seller is just someone like me who is currently sitting on their couch watching THE OFFICE, then be sorta worried that they won't give you more pictures.
  4. unfortunately this attitude is very common and can be the result of laziness, dishonesty, self-righteousness (like they are doing YOU a favor by selling you their item), etc. the fact that your request for more pictures was met with an assurance of authenticity makes me suspicious. regardless of the reason, i wouldn't bid. even if the bag is real and one you really want, do you want to do business with this person? this is a sign that he'she might be a PITA.
  5. It could be authentic, but some sellers are lazy. I had my eye on a juicy couture cell phone charm not to long ago and asked the seller for more pics since they were blurry and were taken from afar and the seller refused. Oh well, her lost.
  6. Write back and just say "I would like to see more pictures just to set my mind at ease. Please forward them to me at your convenience so that i may place a bid"

    If they dont reply then its their loss and they are trying to hide something. I agree that they might be trying to hide somthing. If it were me i would send you pics of whatever you wanted if it got me a sale! x
  7. ^yep, I did. No response so far. :nogood:

    But I'm the same as you, I'd send any extra pictures if it meant a possible sale!
  8. Sometimes people don't want to put in the extra effort if they know the item will sell anyways.
  9. That is kinda weird. I'm lazy, but if it means a sale, I always take extra pictures!
  10. I would steer clear if the seller is unwilling to give you additional pictures. I sell my personal collection and if someone is interested in my bag I would respond right away sayign that the pictures are coming! and take them asap.
  11. If someone won't give you additional pictures so you can bid confidently, don't bid. They're probably hiding something. Particularly with how slow sales have been lately on ebay, I'd be very suspicious if someone wasn't willing to do something that simple in order to make a sale.
  12. Any time someone has asked for more pictures I have always gladly obliged. I want sellers to do the same for me, if I'm spending my hard earned money. I know some sellers are high volume and don't want to take the time, but then I wouldn't bid.
  13. thx alot for ur help i had same question
  14. I like when they don't post the correct pictures and then they say in the listing, "I do not sell fakes so do not email me questions about authenticity." Well, then do not expect me to buy from you :nogood:.
  15. I ALWAYS post addtional pics when asked, but since I use an auction template, I
    have to upload to Photobucket, then go into my HTML editor to redo. It's a major
    pain in the a**, but I always oblige.

    But after I do all that, and get no bids still, then I start becoming a little annoyed
    with these requests...especially when I feel I post more than enough photos to
    authenticate to begin with.

    I think there are just some ebayers out there who like to be irritating to sellers.:wacko: