Can someone please explain this to me?

  1. Ok so I recently recieved a gift from a relative- it was a leigh bag- brown with a wristlet and scarf.

    I already have the brown one so I was going to return it to my Coach store and get a merchandise credit to spend in the store...

    When I got the gifts the tags are ALL attached but the Leigh one had a Nordstrom sticker on it. I don't have a reciept, but the tags arestill on and attached and all I want is a store credit.

    I had called about this a couple days ago and asked if I could still return it to the Coach store even if it was origionally purchased at another dept. store... And the Leigh isn't a dept. store exclusive so it's not that problem.

    She told me yes if it's Coach merch. and it's not from an outlet you can return it to any Coach full price store.

    Ok so I was planning on heading up there (2 hour drive) on Sunday and returning and to shop.

    I wanted to call to just make sure everythnig I was going to return they could take back there (at the full price store) and I wouldn't need to go to an outlet.

    I call today and another girl tells me- "No if it came from Nordstrom you HAVE to return it there. We can't take it back."

    I told her what the other person said (even gave her name) and she said, well you were misinformed... I said well there isn't a Nordstrom anywhere around here. And she said well the closest one is Cleveland Oh, go there and return it.

    I said Yeah bye.

    So can you REALLY not return COACH merch. that was bought at a Nordstrom to a Coach store?

    I am ready to call the 1800 and see what they say but I figured I'd get opinions on this here first.:wtf:

    Please any advice would help...

    I would rather return and buy at the store rather than have to freakin' ebay it all off!
  2. i know some exceptions have been made...but really, regardless...the bag was purchased at should be returned at Nordstrom.

    example - you buy a nine west bag at Macy's...where do you return it? Macy's? Marshalls? TJMaxx? They all sell nine west.

    sorry...I'd just ebay it if you aren't going to be near a Nordies.
  3. As long as it has the tag, it's new, never been worn and in the Coach system, they will return it for store credit. The department stores buy their bags from Coach directly anyways so everyone's getting their money in the end.

    Shouldn't be a big deal.
  4. Maybe try calling Nordstrom's and see if there is a way you can send it to the closest store and they can send you the merchandise credit? You could use the credit to purchase something else on Nordstrom's website.
  5. I really want to go to coach and shop though...

    I like to try things on in the store...

  6. Well since you can order dept store exclusives through JAX my manager at my store said we could take back dept store bags. I think it really depends on the store and the manager.
  7. Well that's really bullcrap!

    I mean I was going to use teh credit to BUY STUFF in HER STORE!

    I think I am going to call JAX or whatever that 1800 number is and talk to them and see what they can get accomplished...
  8. I just called Coach and they called my store and spoke with the lady there and the lady there said since it came from nordstrom they would give me the price that it shows up in their reigster or something...

    But they could take it back for credit...

    And she told me instead of going to the store I could send it back to the return center and get full price back no matter what...

    She also told me that the wristlet that I recieved was a coach factory item and what I would get back for that...

    So I will think about it... And in the end they would send me a gift card for the returns...

    So maybe I will do that!

    Because they aren't selling for crap on ebay!
  9. yea anything thats a "factory" item wont be accepted @ a full price boutique for return w/o a receipt. So you're probably better off sending it to Coach directly, thats what I've ended up doing w/2nd sig. stripe tote
  10. I agree that if it came from Nordstrom it should be returned at Nordstrom. I'm not sure that it's fair to buy from one merchant and return at another. Nordstrom carries alot of Coach and I'm sure they can help you find what you want. Their service is superb.

  11. I agree, to me it doesn't seem fair if the product came from one place to return it to another store. Coach Boutique don't discount there items but Nordstroms does. So you buy it at a department store on sale and return to a Coach store for full credit. It shouldn't be allowed.:tdown:
  12. I was in the coach store a few weeks ago and a lady and her teenage daughter came in. The daughter had gotten a coach bag from Lord & Taylor , but didn't like it. She was trying on the med. carly and decided she wanted that. The SA told the mother that she could not return the L&T bag at this store. She had to return it to L&T. The mother knew this and figured she would buy the daughter the bag and then keep the credit for L&T for herself. I guess you have to return to that store. That's a bummer that you can't return it there. Maybe call Nordies and see if you ship it, they will give you a credit to use online. Godd Luck.
  13. To me its common sense that if it came from Nordstroms it gets returned to Nordstroms....who by the way, will give you CASH since it has the nordies return sticker on it. So you could use it at coach. If you don't want to drive to a nordies then find out where you can send it to and if they'll send you a check then since you shouldn't mail cash.

    Oh..and if you are in NY I don't understand how your nearest nordies is in ohio....there are nordstrom's in white plains and garden city. Plus Pennsylvania would be closer than Ohio I would think and there is a nordies at king of prussia outside philly.
  14. This is so odd to me, because my SA told me as long as it isn't a department store exclusive bag/color and the SKU is in their system (being a current bag, not one that has been sent to the outlets) they can return it for a store credit only....