Can someone please explain the accordian zip around wallet to me.


Sep 21, 2006
It appears that the accordion zip around wallet seems to be a style that coach is favoring. I decided that it might be time for me to finally embrace this style.

I am a little confused about a wallet not having an ID window. Do you keep your drivers license someplace separate?

Is this a wallet that you use daily?


Nov 29, 2012
I used mine everyday until recently when I started using smaller wristlet to accommodate my smaller purses, however, I love the accordion zip around wallet. It fits everything I need to carry around with me and helps me stay organized. I just put my drivers license in one of the slots.

GA Peach

Sep 23, 2013
Most of the time I use Coach accordion style wallets and I have Coach wallets with the ID window. I put my drivers license in one of the slots and it doesn't bother me at all. Plus, I have to fly twice a week for work and the TSA makes you pull your driver's license out, they won't view it through an ID window so I guess I'm used to pulling it out. I always keep it in the same slot so I know immediately if I left it in my pocket or something when I open my wallet.


Hopelessly addicted
Mar 1, 2013
Mesa, AZ
Personally, the accordion zip doesn't work for me functionally, because I'm one that likes to be able to reach into my bag and slip my debit card out without removing my wallet, and that's impossible with the zip around. I LOVE the Madison Skinny wallets for that reason - the ends are open and the slots are horizontal, so it's perfect. I know the accordion zip around gets lots of love here, though...just not from me!


Jan 30, 2014
I love the accordian zip wallets and have used one for years. I just put my license in one of the slots. I don't travel so I rarely have to pull my license out.

Mine has the open slim pocket in the back so sometimes I'll put my debit card back there to be able to get to it quickly. Not all styles have that slim pocket in the back, which is a must for me. I put my grocery list back there too.

The style works great for me. I put cash in one of the inside open sections, coupons in the middle, and then receipts in the other.


Jul 22, 2009
I finally got a zip around wallet a few months ago and I will never go back. It is not bulky like my wallets before. I really do love it.


Let's Go Buffalo!
Aug 19, 2012
Buffalo, NY
I love the zip arounds. I find it easier to get the cards out and keep the most important separated. I don't really need my ID out much. I am using my croc skinny right now and I have my main credit card that I put everything on actually in the clear slot. I usually have to take my ID out no matter what so a clear slot to just show doesn't matter much.


Jul 26, 2012
South Carolina
I have 3 accordion wallets, I always kept my DL in one of the slots. I have always had trouble with the ID window slots, so no window was okay by me.
I now use a Madison skinny wallet, and had my DL in the window at first, but after fighting with the wallet....I moved


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Feb 17, 2009
I've always used the checkbook wallets which does have the ID window, but Coach is making fewer of those so I started using the zip around wallets too.
I love the way it zips up keeping everything contained with no chance of things falling out. There's a lot of compartments and slots, so room or place for everything. I keep my drivers license and debit card in the inside zippered compartment, so they are easy to take out and replace when shopping.

There's a wallet thread in the clubhouse section with lots of photos you might like to check out.


Jan 26, 2007
I have a Madison skinny and even though it has a clear ID slot, I don't put my DL there. I don't want anyone to see it if my wallet is open :smile:

I put the DL in one of the slots and it's easy and very private.


Mrs. F
Apr 27, 2010
i always steered away from the zip around wallets b/c they seem so big....and my previous wallets were the slim kind. But as i'm getting older I've realized that i like to carry all my cards JUST IN CASE i'll need it my HG wallet was a gathered zip around and i finally found one at an amazing price!! once i got it i moved in right away!! previous to getting the zip around i was using my HOBO Lauren wallet which i love b/c it opens up and i have my ID in the window slot and my debit card in the cc slot on the other side...anywho i moved into my gathered zip around and its sooo hard to move out!!

-holds alllll of my cards!!! i usually keep my ID and debit card on the top CC slots on one side and then just add my cards in the other slots in no particular order
-holds my coins! love the inside zip coin need to carry a small pouch for coins
-love the dividers inside...i can easily separate my "weekend money" from my "cash for phone bill"
-zips up sooooo nicely and itsn't bulgy or bulky!!
-love that my bills lay flat and nicely and that i have space to throw in receipts or coupons if needed