Can someone model Pochette Twin PM for me *PLEASE*?

  1. both on shoulder and cross shoulder...thanks.
    (I couldn't find it in Visual Aids thread)
  2. Do you like this bag? Is it bigger than Pochette?
    I need a bag (not too big) that crosses my shoulder and holds a passport+wallet+ipod.
    (I probably can't get the Sophie, so I'm thinking about this bag.)
  3. I got the GM though am not sure how u gonna guage it...
    Hope can help you with it... am sure that the PM can fit into the above


    Am quite tall so it looked kinda short on me...

  4. Thank you so GM still selling in the store? I didn't see it on elux though. How much was it?
  5. I heard that its discontinued for quite awhile..
  6. diamond- you make that bag look good!
  7. Wow, I like that!
  8. So I ordered this Pochette Twin GM from let-trade.;)