can someone in the US help me...

  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for the expandable tote in black. unfortunately it sold out in the UK. i originally ordered the black one but at the last minute bought the choc brown one instead.
    After walking out from chanel, i decided that i wanted the black one instead. BUT the SA told me it was gone.
    Now i wish i wasn't so indecisive.

    have you guys seen the expandable tote near your store. Please can you direct me to a particular store or any SA that i can call...

  2. Neiman Marcus in Chicago had one on Saturday .... I tried it on and loved it!
    the phone number there is 312-642-5900
  3. Call the Rue Cambon boutique in Paris and ask them if there are any black expandable totes available in Europe. They can check the stock from all the boutiques around Europe.

    If there's one left in another country, they will ship it to your nearest Chanel boutique.
  4. thanks Ladies for your help...

    crossed fingers that i can get one...
  5. Keep us posted!!
    Best luck!
  6. I saw one at Neiman's in Atlanta. Call Pia at 404-266-8200.
  7. I finally got the expandable tote in black.:yahoo: i asked my brother in law who lives in Toronto to get it for me.. Luckily, he is visiting us in London end of the month, so for now i'll just have to least there's no shipping costs..
    only downfall was the price for the bag here was £1090 but in canada it costs me CAD2700. which means i paying an extra £180. why is it more expensive out there?

    Ah well, at least i got it after quite a search..

    Thanks ladies who help me out for those contacts:smile:...i'm wondering now should it be more cheaper if i actually ordered one from the U.S..
  8. Congrats, can't wait for you to get it!!
  9. I think there is a 14% tax in Canada?? maybe someone can confirm this..

    Anyways... congrats on your gorgeous bag...remember to post modelling pics....;)

  10. Congratulations! I love happy endings!
  11. Nordstrom MOA has one.