Can someone identify this Kelly bag please?


Aug 16, 2009
Hello, first of all, please pardon my ignorance because although I own a Hermes Kelly, I do not know much about this brand. I just joined this forum and decided to look up some pictures of the Hermes Kelly to see if there are pics of other similar Kelly out there and started to panic because I have not seen my Kelly anywhere in this forum. I bought this bag through a very trusted friend from the Hermes Boutique in Singapore. Someone ordered the bag but when it arrived, changed her mind and the SA called my friend to see if she is interested. She called me long distance (I live in Australia) and convinced me that I will love it and not to miss the boat. So, I said yes without seeing the bag in person and paid SGD$11,900 for this baby. She was delivered in person in March 2008 and I do love her so. Her leather is truly super soft and the grains on her leather are very fine, very smooth like baby skin. She is of a soft, pastel lilac colour, like bubblegum pink. Unlike the Kellys I have seen in this forum, my Kelly comes in a buckle-strap....very different from all the other Kellys posted here AND she also comes with another longer strap, much like a belt. I was told that she can be folded and to use the extra strap to hold her in folded position....I have forgotten how to do it now and am wondering why someone would fold this bag in such a way because it would be such a hassle trying to get things out of it...and what can one possibly put inside the bag if it is folded???

Anyway, I do trust that this bad is an authentic Hermes bag because I trust my friend. But just getting a tad curious why it is not featured here? And can someone please tell me how to fold the bag and strap it in place and under what circumstances one would want to do that to this bag?

Thank you very much in advance for all your help! Otherwise, I will resort to calling the Hermes boutique tomorrow.



Apr 6, 2007
your bag is called Kelly Flat.

try searching again, you'll come up with pretty pictures. :biggrin:


Nov 13, 2006
I've not seen a Kelly like that - but if she got it in 2008, it can't be new for 2009 - right? Pretty color!


Mar 25, 2006
Your pictures are probably not showing its true colour. Is it a pale, pastel pink? If it is, then it's Rose Dragee (name of colour) Swift (type of skin).


Sep 2, 2006
The strap that it comes with can be used to wear it as a shoulder bag, or to keep the bag folded for travel (though it will stay folded without it). The bag is designed in that leather and without hardware on the front specifically to be folded (and has been shown on the runway as a clutch, though I personally can't see using it like that).


Aug 16, 2009
Thank you, thank you, thank you, I can't thank you enough for all the useful info! :ty::ty::ty:

Now, I know I could use the extra strap to wear it on my shoulder! I have only used her once because I am not used to the amount of buckling, unbuckling to get into it and it can be very tricky balancing her on one hand, trying to get things out with the other.
But now that I know how to use her properly, I will take her out more often.

Hermes is in a class above ALL bags. Nothing compares and nothing ever will. I am not rolling in money (although I do earn a decent income) and spending this much on just one bag...if my DH knows, he will absolutely have a heart attack! But I find that it is worth it all. After all, I will only live once. :smile:


Sep 19, 2008
looks like rose dragee swift on my monitor. it is a lovely lovely bag! i saw one in the window in the hermes store in singapore sometime back so yours could be the one i saw! it is very very pretty, congratulations :smile: