Can someone identify this Chanel for me?

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  1. Square Vintage Tote I believe{?}
    Similar but boxier than the white one I had:

    Sorry I didn't PM you back, post that auction in our Authenticate Thsi! sticky, the resident experts will be able to tell you right away!:yes:
  2. You think it's a tote? I just edited the pic and lightened it up. It looks more boxy to me?

    Thanks for your help earlier ~ I'm going to pass on that auction. I need to see it in real life first.

  3. it's boxy, but I think it's a tote because of it's long handles. Chanel doesn't do a fab job at naming really.

    Can you link to where you found it for me, maybe I can figure it out for sure.
  4. . . . looking. . .
    did you see the Dr bag in the photos just under that post?
  5. thats the square vintage bowler :biggrin: it was one of the first of the SV ligne :biggrin: i have an old Saks ad somewhere
  6. actually that pic is from the Saks ad i think..... it was in two ads if im correct :biggrin:
  7. ^I thought so too, but I could find the dangly CC on yours, does your's have that?
    If so, it's the exact bag.
    Maybe you could give her the style #{?}

    I'd love to get Lu in here more often!:yes:
  8. ^it doesn't have a dangling cc, but on both the sides where it looks like an envelope, there is the two ccs..
    lu, if it helps, the style # is A32906. i included a picture of the whole tag in my post in the Reference thread.
  9. Well, I was just thinking how inappropriate that would be UNLESS I had a new chanel to show off, no? I mean I would completely understand if you said "you must go buy a new Chanel and then you can post".....right??? :P

    Thanks Jennifer for posting those pics! That's it!!!! So, they do have them in brown?? That would be my dream color. I'll be in NYC next weekend and I am so at Chanel. I have a map a friend gave me with 7 locations..... :roflmfao:
  10. I have to say ~ I love this line. It's so sexy!

    Swanky ~ does your tote fit comfortably over the shoulder?
  11. No you do not have to own one to hang in here! LOL! Just have to promise to only say nice things about them;) LMNBO!

    Yes, mine was VERY comfy. . . VERY. But I think this tote fits on the shoulder differently, mine had a longer drop and was more comfy to me than the box. The Box tote made my arm stick out a little funny.
    It should come in brown as well, this Ligne came in a lot of lovely colors, just not sure which colors this specific bag was ordered in.
  12. :roflmfao: At least I tried. I could have told DH it was a requirement.......

    I used to have the Cambon bowling and that felt funny when I put it on my shoulder. Is that the boxy you're talking about?