can someone identify this bag?

  1. I found these pics on eBay....but does anyone know the style name/# for this bag???
    Thanks :o)
  2. I am not a Coach pro at all but it looks fishy to me for some reason. I would ask to see closer up pictures of the hardware, etc. I've never seen that bag.
  3. well im pretty sure its real--- i only know this because my friend had this bag about 2 or 3 years ago and i was with her when she bought it at Macy's. I remember it distinctivley becuase it had that one large pocket in the front.
    The problem is, I dont really see this friend anymore, so I cant find out the style....Ive been searching for it on eBay forever....and this is the first time I even found a picture.

    Thanks for any help :yes:
  4. It is a Gold & Khaki Vintage Signature Satchel. Give me the last 4 on the creed & I MIGHT be able to come up with the exact name, or you could call Coach. The suede is a chocolate brown.

    I believe they were made in 2004. They were limited edition bags but some did end up going to the Outlets.

    More photos would be needed to authenticate it (try authentication thread).
  5. Thank you....I posted it in the other thread too :yes:
    These are all the pics I have.....
  6. Thank you for your help! I typed in "vintage signature satchel" in Google and was able to find out the info.....
    In case anyone's curious :yes: its the Vintage Satchel with Metallic Leather Style #1494
    Apparently its rare lol
  7. Yeah, just watch out. ioffer has alot of fakes. They came up in google.

    If you do a search of completed auctions in eBay using Coach 1494, there is one that sold.
  8. perhaps you can ask for close up pictures of the coach hang tag - i think the words special edition or limited edition 2004 are embossed on it....but looking at the photos, it just doesnt look quite like an expensive Coach.
  9. this bag has come up ALOT funny.

    I had my eye on it too...on's the "vintage collection" from 2004 evidently. GORG bag imo.
  10. The Coach handbag is NOT A FAKE...I own two different "vintage signature" styles. They came out in Fall 2004 - limited. I love these bags and still use them alot. I get alot of comps when I use one. Go for it...let us know.
  11. It's a Coach Speedy! :yes:
  12. It's very cute! I wish I have one!