Can someone identify this bag?

  1. doesn't let me see those pictures.. the links are bad... says I'm "FORBIDDEN!" dum dum dummmmmmmm
  2. ditto:sad:
  3. doesn't it look like the jpg birkin? (i know it's not, but they sure are alikE)
  4. i see it!!! try again!!
  5. Tried again, says the same thing.......
  6. Ok I've cut the pictures down some and attached them so those who've had problems with the links can see.

    Thank you :biggrin:

    Love the Birkin by the way *drools*, but it's not the same bag.
    dhsusanbag2.jpg dhsusanbag1.jpg
  7. I believe it is called JP Tod's Camel Leather Candy Bag with Front Pocket.
  8. definitely looks Tods-ish
  9. Think it's Tods.
  10. yes.. i totally agree.. very Tods
  11. Yes it is a Tod's
  12. Doubtless a Tod's!
  13. You guys are awesome, I love you! Been dying to know what bag that is for months and you found it for me in less than a day! :love: