Can someone identify this bag?

  1. I got this adorable shoulder bag a few years back from a consignment store but I have no idea what collection it's from and I've never seen it anywhere else before either. Can someone help me identify it?


  2. ^ it's from 2002, the same ligne in which the lambskin tote was made infamous by the olsens. it's in the flap style though!
  3. That is gorgeous, is it black with beige or brown with beige? I can't really tell from your picture.
  4. wow, ladydeluxe, you are truly the chanel go-to gal! :smile: thank you for the info!!!

    beautylicious - thanks! it is black with beige (terrible lighting)
  5. love this....wear it in good health
  6. Cute bag! What consignment stores do you go to?
  7. nakobear - it was at this chinese place that specifically consigned designer bags and also sold new ones too, in rowland heights. it closed and now i think they just have a place in san gabriel.
  8. That's a cool looking bag.
  9. Can you give me the info to the SG store if you have it? I don't go to SGV much anymore but I'd go for some good food and nice purses wouldn't hurt either =)
  10. How fun to find a chanel at a consignment store! Nice bag.
  11. hey girl, from what i recall, its at the corner of garfield and valley, sort of near where 'the hat' is and where garden cafe is. we made so many midnight runs there during college - you should know which intersection i'm referring to! :smile: