Can Someone Identify These Shades?

  1. Not really sure where the best place to post such a question is but I'm trying to identify these shades ...
    victoria.jpg r141749_489656.jpg
  2. I think Paris is wearing the Dior glossy 1's..
  3. LOL, really? A friend and I flipped a coin for them, since we didn't want to be trekking that small corner of the globe wearing the same exact pair of shades ... Somehow, they didn't look like the Glossy 1s in that picture. Now that I look a little more carefully, I think you're quite right. Thank you. :smile:
  4. Do Dior Glossy's say DIOR on the side of the arm?
  5. They do.
  6. And the ones on Victoria?
  7. Victoria's are from her DVB line. I think they're the DVB3.
  8. That is incorrect, Paris is not wearing Diors. she is wearing Dita sunglasses. Victoria usually wears the DVB line as well
  9. wow! dita's are very affordable. Luvin' the price!!!
  10. And these?

    I know they're Tom Ford's, but which model? Definitely not Whitney ...