Can someone ID this V. Beckham bag pls?

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  1. Hope this hasn't been posted before. If it has, mods, pls move.

    I am in :love: :love: with this bag. Any of you fashionistas know who its by?

    .........sorry the pic is SO big :lol:
  2. This is the Marc Jacobs leopard satchel, gorgeous bag completely leather lined in a beautifil dark green. However it doesn't hang well when using the shoulder chain needs to be hand carried. Bag is sold out all over since last year
  3. Sold out?! Noooooooo! :crybaby:

    Thanks for the Id!
  4. You're welcome :smile: Afraid so sold out for long time now!
  5. Perhaps you could watch on eBay someone might be selling theirs
  6. Is there a bag she doesn't have??
  7. Yup, Leopard Satchel (from F/W 2006; $1950USD) flew out of MJ boutiques. This bag was wait-listed in advance, I heard that most never even hit the floors.
  8. :wtf: Guess I need to be on my toes a bit more.........or hang out in the MJ forum more.

    .........:lol: - the pic above seems to have dissapeared (prob. due to its size) so here's a smaller one in case someone comes in to see what bag I'm trying to ID.
  9. ^this bag was only available in LA and ONLY to celebrities...That was what the MarcJacobs here in London told me... =)
  10. Yes I had to get a friend in USA to get one for me it wasnt in UK or Europe stores at all
  11. Only in LA? So it didn't even make it to elux then. :crybaby: Any word on if its going to restocked?
  12. No I don't think there will be more of this bag