Can someone ID this tiny little and super cute pouch for me?? =D

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  1. I tried to search for some info of this cute coin pouch here but no luck. Can someone please ID this for me and how much does it retail? TIA :yes:

    It's the one next to croc birkin and kelly pochette. :heart: 154254964.jpg
  2. oh Vespa is cute too! I just found another clear pics on those pouches I'm looking for. I thought they are too cute to not to have it! :drool:

    pics borrowed from tpf.
  3. Oh now I have seen these..I thought they were made for H jewelry? I have seen them sold with H earrings inside....
  4. Yes, The SA said they are for Jewelries. The bigger one is around $600.

  5. I have the Orange one,(I boughtitfrom a wonderful seller) i use it to put my keys in!!! So they dont scratch my bag!!
  6. ^^^ What a great idea Raz
  7. Liness92, thanx!!!
    I just have to look for Orange in my bag, when I am trying to find the ever elusive Keys!!!
  8. Thanks everyone! :tup: It really is a great idea Raz! :yes: So it is designated for jewelry, does anyone happen to know the name of this little pouch?
  9. I played and toyed with the idea of getting one of those pouches in Paris...they feel like BUTTER! They did not have the color I wanted....Bright green...They are way too cute!:heart:
  10. Those little sacs are perfect for keys!! To be honest, I got an H key case/thing from the NY sale, and it was very difficult to get the keys on. Additionally, these days, car keys are enormous with the key fobs, etc. They simply don't fit I only have my simple house keys. Great option to use this to hold my car keys!!!