can someone id this bag?

  1. Just called my sa looking for a grey flap and she told me they have a grey, quilted flap about the size of a jumbo. She said it is not a classic flap. It costs 2250... also said it is lambskin and the handles are all leather, no chain. Does anyone know what this bag is??? I will go check it out but I want to do some research on it now as well. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it!
  2. hmmm, Hidden Chain?
    Do a search for that, it could be it.
  3. its the envelope flap! i have that one . She is lovely!
  4. Omg I think you're right! Thanks!
  5. yep i think it's an envelope! i have one =) she's so roomy and comfy to carry for everyday!
  6. Okay so I confirmed it is the envelope flap in grey. It is at the Atlanta Saks at the Phipps Plaza. If anyone wants it, give Bonnie a call. She is super sweet!