can someone ID this bag?

  1. its a pretty nice looking bag, do they still have this in stores? looks vintage...anyone know what it's called?
    a048.jpg a048f.jpg
  2. I doubt it's authentic bag. The leather is too stiff.
  3. its an eBay auction, comes with hologram sticker and matching auth card, also a power seller with 100% feedback. seems o.k. to me
  4. I don't know if it's authentic or not but I really like the thick look of the chain. If the lovely ladies in the authentication thread okay it, I think it would make a great everyday bag.
  5. Honestly,

    hologram sticker + matching card + orig receipt + 100% feedback + power seller = NO guarantee authenticity.
  6. yeah, thats what attracted me in the first place too, i like the chunky chains, like CoCo herself said, women are powerless infront of chains~ haha (sth like that...i don't know the exact words).
  7. yay, just been authenticated by someone who works at chanel~~ i'm gonna buy it!