Can someone ID this bag on Lauren Conrad??

  1. Really curious to know who makes this bag, anyone know??:nuts:
  2. Don't know but I like it alot!
  3. She has it in black, too. There's another thread about it on this page...
  4. hm.. the zipper pull is a cursive L.... perhaps the initial of the brand?
  5. i'd love to know too
  6. She has been known to wear LP... maybe they are making a bag named after her... unless they use that cursive L zipper pull on everything?

    No better way to promote your handbag line than to have a celeb wear it.. or even better yet, name it after a celeb. ;)
  7. hmm...i wish People Mag would ID it like they did her other bag...
  8. Hello ladies,

    Seasons greetings from Linea Pelle Collection Online! We love our friends on the Purse Forum and wanted you to be the first to know that tonight we launched LC's new handbag collection. Lauren is our first celebrity guest designer at LP Collection and we absolutely adore the bags.

    The bag pictured in this thread is the large body of the group. It can be worn open as a tote (pictured here in black) or clipped at the top for a beautiful round shape (as pictured in olive green).

    These are on pre-order now at Please call us in the office after Thanksgiving weekend if you have any questions!

    Take care & Happy Holidays,
    The LP Team

    Pre-order LC's bags at:

  9. ^Thanks so much for the info! Oooh, I really love the dark olive one! So very tempting!
  10. Looks like a bottomless pit and like it would be unorganized..
  11. i looove big droopy bags no matter how bottomless! :smile:
  12. saw it on it's$350.00 will be in stores in december.
  13. Yup, it's the new LP bag designed by LC.... looks cute... would be a nice gym bag...
  14. LOvE It!@!! esp the black

    love LP too.. just bought a oversized belt that is so beautiful from their line!!