Can someone ID these sunglasses please?

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  1. Sorry, I'm not a huge Jessica fan but I do love these glasses!

  2. I believe they're Oliver Peoples.
  3. i don't know about the glasses..but oy vey..those lips are getting worse.
  4. Yes, they're Oliver Peoples ('Athena Spice' model, I think).
  5. wow those are super cute
  6. Those are the athena sunglasses by Oliver Peoples. I have them in white :nuts: Love them! Hers are a pretty color :love: Hilary Duff had a pair of green ones that are nice, too.
  7. Oh thank you! You girls are great!
  8. This is the pic from ... they look really bad on this girl. Hmmm!

  9. Eeek, that's not the best model for those sunglasses. I promise, they look much better than that in person! I think it's because the model has her hair tied back. These glasses look better if your hair is down and loose, in my opinion :biggrin:
  10. Yeah, much better on JS!!
  11. Yep-- Oliver Peoples 'Athena' style. They are large, but kind of have a 60's vibe to them. So cute!!
  12. BTW-- the expression of the girl behind Jessica in the first of the photos is pretty funny. Wonder what she's thinking?
  13. Haha.. Jessica is starting to look like a plastic barbie doll :biggrin:
  14. it's true....she looks always more like a plastic doll and that's so sad...