Can someone ID scarlett johansson bag?

  1. Hey guys,

    Does anyone know the name of the style of this beautiful bag and color??

  2. Looks like a Petite Shopping tote and I cant tell the color. Maybe light beige?
  3. Actually I think its the small timeless classic tote. Its very similar to the PST.
  4. Thanks Luccibag! I really like the bag.

    Is it still available?
  5. so far only saw the black one. and saw one on eBay couple days ago.
  6. Yeah i believe it's still available. I've seen a black with gold hw at Nordstrom Topanaga and the Chanel boutique in SCP has the white one and the black one. it's cute, looks a little bigger than the PST.
  7. just to clarify its the small timeless classic tote right?
  8. I think it comes in red w/ silver chain.
  9. this is called the classic box tote..... pst with zipper if you will. style #A18004. it's part of the classic timeless collection.
  10. Thanks so much! by any chance, would you know what color scarlett's bag is??

    I really like it!
  11. given that it has gold h/w, it may be the pale, pale blue they did several years ago... the white caviar was available with silver h/w couple of seasons ago...
  12. pale blue really? It looks bit off white
  13. that may be the case... sorry i couldn't be much of help...
  14. hey no worries! I'm just glad u helped in the first place!
  15. Yup that's it. I love the Small Timeless Classic Tote, and I definitely prefer it over the PST.

    My first guess would have been white, but that may be due to the camera flash reflecting off the bag. It could very well be pale-blue.