Can someone ID Kate Hudson's handbag?

  1. Hey, yesterday I watched Fool's Gold and fell in love with the handbag she was wearing during the "divorce scene" in the beginning of the movie! Can anyone help me ID what brand purse this is and where I can buy it? [​IMG]
    I know the purse is somewhat hard to see but it's the only picture I could find. Hopefully someone can help me ID this purse!
  2. I'd like to know also!
  3. That makes 2 of us :smile:
  4. I'm busy right now, but what if you googled the movie site and see if there is any info or better pictures in there?
  5. I love the color
  6. I've been doing that all day and couldn't find ZIP, that's why I was wondering if someone else did... :sad:
  7. I have been looking for this bag since I saw the movie in the theater as well. I have even tried to send a message to the head costumer and gotten no response. Anyone have any other clues/ideas , I still want that darn purse!
  8. Any better pictures?
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  10. I've gotta go to work, or I'd keep searching, but you could go to a kate fan site, go to gallery and her movies and fool's gold screencaps. you should be able to find a lot more
  11. It's kinda' linea pelle-ish re: the leather.
  12. ^ that's what I was thinking! definitely the pocket on the front looks very LP, but I don't think it is for some reason
  13. Yeah, something about the hardware/handles makes me hesitate to say LP with any certainty. But at least its a start.... :smile: