Can someone ID Jessica Alba's new bag?

  1. It's definitely a Botkier...maybe the Sophie? HTH :smile:
  2. Thanks!

    I'll do a search for Botkier.:tup:

    **Edit** Yep it is the Botkier Sophie large tote....THANKS betnyp!!
  3. Yep, definitely a botkier sophie!
  4. actually, i just noticed it says the name at the top of the page!
  5. I have that bag. Its great! Love the leather! Get the smaller size (the size Alba has) -- the larger one is a little too large I think.
  6. I have seen 2 sizes...a really tiny one (not a fan) and the size jess has.
    Is there a 3rd size? Her's seems perfect!
  7. Does anyone know where to get one of these? AE doesn't have them. I'm dying for one!