Can someone ID Jessica Alba's beige bag?

  1. Kooba maybe?


  2. Oh I'd love to know what her bag is as well!
  3. The front pocket with the button strap looks Gryson-ish, but I've never seen one with straps like that. Or...wait, are you asking about the beige bag in the back? Can't see that one well enough to ID.
  4. clarify the one I am asking about is the brown bag in front.
  5. That tab looks an awful lot like a Chloe tab. Not sure though...
  6. its funny those were the 2 things i thought 2 the bottom snap thing looks grysonish and the tab looks chloeish
    what is this mystery hybrid? :smile:
  7. it's gerard, 36 hour maybe?
  8. The one in back is definitely Gerard Darel, and I'm pretty sure the one in front is also.