can someone ID colors and size?

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  1. [​IMG]


    the bag is 35cm or 40cm? also I SPY a kelly dog bracelet im guessing Gold leather and Gold HW? is the bag blue sapphire or blue jean?

    EDIT** what leather? im also guessing TOGO
  2. Definitely a 40 in Blue Jean with Gold Hardware. Very difficult to tell the skin based on these photos. I would guess Clemence.
  3. #3 Jan 30, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2009
    im dying! it looks flawless! the leather looks gorgeous! my guess is between clemence or togo

    p.s. i was looking at LiLo's picture of her Blue Jean it seemed much lighter than this one so i was guessing this one might be a different hue
  4. He looks to be a shorter guy scaled against that column and car. I think it's a 35 or 30.
  5. i cant imagine it being a 30cm?! it actually looks really big so my guess was on the 40cm side but can it be a 35cm? my guess is still on 40cm
  6. p.s anyone agree that he is not pulling off the bag so well?
  7. agree. as if it was someone else's bag he's carrying.
  8. Definitely a 40cm Blue Jean with gold hardware. Unsure of leather. Looks like swift to me.
  9. i wish he would be less careless about the bag it looks as if hes throwing it around

    p.s. 40cm it is. im pretty much 100% about the 40cm but the leather is still unsure!
    so far we have...
    and Swift
    if you zoom in on the leather its a bit scaley/grainy to be swift
    i zoomed in on the Kelly Dog Bracelet and it looks like its Gold w/ GOLD HW in swift leather

    also do you think the bag can be VL?
  10. :yes:
  11. Definitely not VL. I don't believe VL comes in Blue Jean. It is also too slouchy to be VL. Maybe Swift, Clemence or Togo. I still think it is definitely a 40.

    I don't like the way he is carrying the bag in the crook of his arm.
  12. It looks small on him! Maybe it's a smaller size or he's taller than we expect.

    But I agree, he can't pull off ANYTHING H! LOL. He does actually look like he's carrying a "purse," you know?
  13. Agree - and the wallet?:shrugs: Looks a little like someone playing H dress up :P
  14. LOL "H dress up" i like that lol