Can someone i.d. which Balenciaga this is?

  1. I love it! is it a twiggy? I love the hardware, the shape, the leather colour (which looks like from a past season e.g. 05).

    help? which one is it?
  2. It is definitely a twiggy - gray from maybe 05 or 06?
  3. It's twiggy for sure...but season probably 05...i think
  4. thanks. I'm thinking a twiggy grey too. 04/05 ish... i LOVE it. Great hardware and zipper combination on it.
  5. yeah go the TWIGGY!!! weeeeeeeeee!!! TWIGGY!!!
  6. Yummy grey twiggy.:drool:
  7. TWIGGY. My new favorite style!:yes: