Can someone help?

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  1. Can someone help teach me how to use The Purse Forum? I don't know how to find answers to my questions except to search around the date I was last on... I don't know how most people are using The Purse Forum, except to authenticate the many fakes on eBay... how else do you fine folks use this medium? Teach me, please.
  2. tPF is a discussion forum as well as an educational forum IMO. There are discussion areas for many kinds of topics and specialty areas dedicated to designers where you can discuss and learn about them :smile:
  3. Hi! The search function is great to check if there is already a post about a topic you are interested in. Just use a keyword (or two).
    Look through all the different sub-forums to see if there is a brand you are interested in.
    And just post any questions you might have, the members here are super-friendly and helpful!!