Can someone help?

  1. Hi,

    Last week I bought the clutch bag in a Chanel shop in Paris, and returned home and realised that I no longer wished to keep the bag (It was a silly purchase for me) Anyway I came home, and phoned Chanel in London and agreed to send my bag back to them. Since I bought the bag in cash, I asked if I could just be refunded the money and gave my bank account details. The lady I spoke to said this was fine. Now today London Sloane Street phoned me and said that I must accept credit from Chanel and cannot be refunded my money. That's not fair, considering I only had the bag 1 day and sent it back, I dont want anyhting more from Chanel at the moment and simply wiah to be refunded my money.
    So do Chanel refund customers money either by cash or back on to the customers credit card? Or must you accept a credit from Chanel?
    Please can you help me?:crybaby:
  2. From what I know, they will only give a credit, just make sure the credit will not expire too soon..... so maybe you can choose something you really love in Spring2008
  3. Thank You ^^:tup:
  4. This is why I prefer to buy my bags from boutiques in department stores, like Selfridges, because they give you your money back. I hope you manage to find something you like better.
  5. ^Weird. I'm fairly sure that the Chanel Ala Moana gives refunds and not just store credit. I believe though that if you pay cash or travelers check they refund you a corporate check which takes about 14 days or so. Instant refund is via credit card only.

    Lemme check my receipt...
  6. Goodness I've bought a lot of Chanel. All my receipts in those cute white camellia receipt holders are stacking up really high LOL.

    Anyhow, my receipts all say:
    "Returns and exchanges accepted within 14 days of purchase in original unworn condition with proof of purchase. Sale or markdown items and merchandise that has been altered is not returnable. Refunds will be issued in the original form of tender, except cash and check purchases, which will be refunded via mail check. Items purchased, altered, or repaired must be claimed within 180 days or they may be disposed at the company's discretion."

    I'm not sure if the return policies vary. You should definitely complain and tell them that another SA said you could get a refund and not just store credit/exchange.
  7. if i were you i would definately complain. how could you not get your money back for something you paid in cash does not make any sense, call them!!
  8. If the boutique can verify your purchase on the computer, they should either give you a refund to the credit card you used or a check (since you paid cash)......

    I would ask to speak to the manager. I've received a full refund on my credit card previously from a Chanel boutique; it wasn't even the same boutique I purchased it from.