can someone help?

  1. hi everyone, i usually hide out in the LV forum but iv got it into my head that i NEED a pair of chanel ballet shoes. im going to NY a week today so would really like to get them then but i dont have a clue about chanel, other than i need some shoes!
    could someone please give me some info on colours and prices. i would like something black or neutral.
    i no im being a bit vague but i appreciate the help. thank you
  2. There are so many styles and colors of CHanel ballet flats. THe store on 57th has a nice sized shoe department. I'm sure you'll find exactly what you need.
  3. thank you. i know i was kinda vague. i dont like the ones with the seperate piece of leather on the toe. i was thinking about the ones that have the big CC in the front, sorry i dont know names i did say i was clueless lol
  4. Those are the cambon. I'm pretty sure they are sold out everywhere.
  5. Actually the Cambon flats are back again....then they'll be discontinued for good (according to my SA). The Short Hills NJ Chanel has them in stock right now in Black with white CC only.
  6. I saw those at my boutique in VA last Thurs. Maybe the sizes are very limited.
  7. how much are they?
    do they do anything similar thats easier to find?
    also are they sized the european way?
  8. Mine were $525 I believe? I have the black/black patent ones and love them. I'd suggest going a half a size up though so you have enough room in the toe.
  9. let me know if you see em in brown/brown patent size 37 to match my bowler:heart: