Can someone help with a Small Ring Agenda refill ?

  1. I really need to order one ASAP, but I am not sure which one will fit perfectly in my small Koala agenda.
    Can anyone help?
    Filofax USA - Filofax 2007 Calendar Refills
  2. I believe the pocket ones fit the small koala agenda.
  3. ^:yes: :yes:
  4. Thanks ;)
  5. yup pocket size is the right one, i use Daily page inserts b/c i am still in school, so i have tons of assignment need to keep track of. But i am still looking for a pen to go w/small agenda, i can't justify 230 for the LV Nail Pen, something under 50 bucks will do for me ha ha.
  6. ps, which Koala agenda did u get? I was so torn when i was force to choose between Damier and Rose Mono, but luckly BF bought Rose Mono for me as X-mas gift ^^;
  7. lv paper is expensive, isnt it??
    they can sell me on leather quality, but not paper...
  8. I still have some pages left from LV 2006 sheets, but they were a gift when I bought the agenda, now I need 2007 and I am not going to pay big money for paper that I am going to use once then discard.
    And for the pen, I purchased this one for my monogram black silver hardware Koala..
    The price was $5.99, stainless steel, it is a great pen for less, there is another version by Cartier I think, but still too expensive for a pen.
    Here the link of the store..
    Day-Timer - Shop the Day-Timer Store: Product Information+++++++++++++
  9. wow many thanks!:yes:
    bvbirdygirl-totally agree w/u, filofax's paper is just as good-common pp, it's paper not leather! it's around 13 bucks for the Day a page style, check it out at ur local Container Store, or online for exact price.
  10. Was wondering if I didnt want to buy the small ring agenda refills....are there any other non lv agenda refills that will fit in the small 4"x6" small agenda from lv?

  11. yes - just bought some at staples for $14.99 - can't remember the name right now.
  12. of course! do a search for agenda refills and check out the agenda club.
  13. filofax makes some that most of us use here.

    ...pocket size

    go to or
  14. yup, u can also try eBay if you like refills w/cute characters like hello kitty, pucca etc. btw, which agenda you got?