Can someone help to locate any Elephant Sloane?


Dec 6, 2009
Hi Ladies,

I'm new to BV and would like to get my first baby soon. After a long research, I finally decided to get Elephant Sloane. I have tried to contact several BV stores in Europe but they only have in basic colours such as black or dark brown. I'd prefer something more colourful but long lasting enough at the same time, so Elephant is definitely going to be a great choice for me. However, since it's from previous season, it's kinda hard to find in BV stores.

Can someone tell me if the bag is still available in any place? Hopefully with discount as it's from past season! :graucho:

Thanks so much in advance!


I want this one! <3
Jul 18, 2006
hey there, the elephant sloane went on sale last season... it is a lovely bag! i bought one for my mom from florence for 50% off... unfortunately, i think your best hope is either eb*y or the outlets.. maybe shoot them an email to keep an eye out for one? Good luck!