Can someone help regarding a Chanel Bag

  1. Hi, I am usually over on the Fendi forum, but Neiman Marcus sent me a booklet today and in it is the most beautiful Chanel Tote bag. The write up says Gold Metallic leather tote with Chanel logo and chain straps. $2,550. Its a large bag has chain design on bottom corners and round the logo. Has anyone seen this bag and if so could you tell me is it a very shiny metallic, it does not look at all shiney or metallic for that matter from the picture. A very stunning bag. Any information greatly received. Thanks
  2. which catalogue is it in?
  3. I think its the new catalogue, green cover with a girl with a big green leaf on it its on page 9, Thanks
  4. they usually have a date code on the back..ill go look thru mine
  5. Code F107
  6. Yes thats the one, such a lovely bag, has anyone seen it IRL I wondered if it was very bright, as not into really bright bags but love this style. It looks beige in the cat., not metallic at all
  7. The color gold is very matte - like aged leather - it isn't shiny at all
  8. It's a nice bag! Welcome to Chanel :graucho:
  9. Its a very pretty bag!