Can someone help? Re: LV bag

  1. Hi there, I am not an expert on Louis Vuitton, But I saw a bag thet inerested me and wondered if anyone could tell me what it is. In the last page of UK Company magazinr this month there was a feature on Sneak a Peek...The contents of Sarah Hardings Louis Vuitton bag. It looks like a dark leather barrel with a purse on each end closing with a kiss lock. Has anyone seen this style? What is it called? If you need pic I can try to photograph the mag. Thanks:push:
  2. Hmm...can you try to take a pic of the magazine? The barrel bags I'm thinking of aren't sounding like what you're describing.
  3. Ok here is pic sorry about the crease. Hope you know it, its lovely...Thanks so much
  4. EDIT: Nevermind..

    Uh, never seen anything like that. Maybe the bag itself is not LV, but some of the content is??
  5. Hi I have just posted a pic. I am 100% sure Sarah Harding would never hold a fake.
  6. the bag isnt LV but the wallet is.
  7. Thanks must do some research, maybe the mag got it wrong
  8. I think it was the magazine error
  9. Sorry that's not an Lv bag the mags to get it wrong (often very wrong) I once saw in Vogue them call a speedy a papillon!
  10. Well I thought so, I dont know much about LV's but I can pick them out usually...Thanks gals
  11. Oh well if anyone anywhere knows what this bag is, pls let me know...and I will email the mag too...cheers