can someone help me with this style?

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  1. hey guys! i have searched around the forum for more info on this style, but these all look the same to me being a chanel newbie! i can see small differences but i can't seem to find which is which. will someone help me identify this bag and if it is still available, and how much it would cost? any help would be greatly appreciated! :flowers:

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  2. Thats a classic Jumbo flap with gold hw. Its readily available and is $2650 currently. THere's word of a price increase soon so get it soon!
  3. I was wondering.. i'm also a newbie to Chanel and i keep reading about price increases.. when are they suppose to happen and why? When is the best time to get a Chanel then? thanks!
  4. I cant help you out with when or why and I think it's all speculation right now, especially the "why" part of it! But...with a classic bag like this, they never go on sale, so the best time to get it is at some sort of EGC/double points event at Saks/BG, etc. so you at least get points for your purchase. Someone else might have some info on when the next one is as it's either going on now or just happened. When the price increase nears closer, you will certainly hear about it, be sure to buy before then.