Can someone help me with this Bulga?

  1. Now, I'm no means a bulga expert, but I do have three. My gut feeling is it's real. Not a newer version of the bag, but still very cute. I tend to like the older lining as opposed to the new lining on bulga. As for the zipper, my old bulga has that same type of zipper. HTH
  2. I haven't yet heard of Bulga being faked, which is a good sign, but of course, it could happen. A used fake Bulga though? I can't see this being the case. Go for it!
  3. That is a color Bulga made last year...I have it in the large hobo.. I must say this bag looks 'well used" in these pics...if that doesn't bother you, go for it. If you prefer a new one, I've seen on online for $330. I know it's a lot more, but new is new...good luck..
  4. Thanks a lot!