Can someone help me with this bag?

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  1. What is the name of this bag..and from what season/yr?

    Thanks a lot!!! :flowers:

    PC260014-1.JPG PC260015-1.JPG
  2. This bag is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Turnlock Super K bag.
    It's from the Fall 2007 line.

    For future reference, post any questions in the Name That Mj Bag!!!!!!!! thread! :yes:
  3. I'm sorry..but thanks!
  4. btw...I got this bag for $166 today at the Saks morning sale....retail $478..

    should I keep this bag? I don't have a tote-like bag in my collection..nor do I have any black bags...i own mostly LV, balenciaga, and coach.

  5. Keep it! I think it's adorable. I saw a woman carrying hers today (hers was white), and I was surprised at how cute it was on her shoulder. It's a little bit bulky on the bottom, but it's a really cool design. $166 is a great price for a great bag, too.
  6. It's so cute! If you think you will get a lot of use out of it, then I would keep it!
  7. That's okay!
    That's an amazing deal on the bag! It's a great looking bag, congrats!
  8. LOL...I just read your post on the Deals & Steals Saks sale thread about you getting this bag. I was wondering which one it was! :tup: Congrats rensky!! I hope you keep it!
  9. Please post in the NAME THAT MJ BAG the future!
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Not open for further replies.