Can someone help me with these wristlets? Please Thank you! ++

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  1. Both were bought pre-owned. I know the fuchsia one is the legacy leather one that I've been searching for, forever!!!!

    The black one though, it's a very soft leather, doesn't have the tassels. It feels like lambskin, does anyone have any idea what this is? It doesn't have the little tassels, but a leather Coach tag instead.

    Thanks ladies!!!!

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  2. They are the same and should have both tassel and tag. I'm guessing someone removed them.
  3. both the same type of leather? The black one is just so soft and delicate feeling, the fusichia feels more durable
  4. I think they are but the black legacy leather super soft, not sure why. It may have something to do with the way they obtain the colors on the other leathers.
  5. Tanned Silk is correct. They are both the same. A lot of people remove the tassels because they get in the way of the zipper. A lot of my black legacy accessories are a lot softer than the bright colors, but I thought it was because I used them a lot more than the bright colored ones. :shrugs:
  6. thank you!!!! :smile: