Can someone help me with these...? What are they?

  1. I would appreciate it if anyone can tell me more information about these bag? I just got an email from a very kind NM SA all the way from the States who send me alot of pictures...

    He told me that the price are USD$1595 and USD$1995 (for the second pix).
    IMG00010-1.jpg chanelusa.JPG
  2. Both are EW flaps. Dimension is roughly 10x5x2. Leather on first one is perforated. Second one is sequined. I like EW but not these types of leather.
  3. The first is a medium black perforated flap, the second is a medium sequin flap. (I think-I'm guessing on the size!)
  4. Both are not medium/large size as i don't think they have double flap. It's actually like east/west flap bag but with double strap in single flap. It also comes in single strap too.
  5. Thanks. I don't really see much of perforated leather around here. I wonder why that is? Is it hard to take care of? Or better be safe and get the caviar or lambskin? My mom is going to Singapore this Monday and I am wondering if I should ask her to get it. :confused1: Or should I just order it in NM and ask them to ship it over. Celia_hish, any idea how much e/w cost in singapore?

    As for the sequin flap (thanks guys!) it looks like fish scales. Hehe
  6. ^The perforated leather is seasonal and certainly is no where near as classic as the regular caviar or lambskin. :yes: I personally do not care much for the perforated leather.
  7. Ok, I am now placing an order for my very first lambskin. I decided caviar isn't just for me. So forking out a bit of my monthly allowance for the bag that I want... Wish me luck :ninja:
  8. Good luck !:yes:I love lambskin!:heart: