can someone help me with the prices in US and Hongkong?

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  1. hey peeps! oops forgive me for only joining the forum now :shame: i need help on purchasing my first bbag! haha i'm finally getting down to buying one :smile: i'm in love with the tomato red Part-Time w/SGHand would you guys recommend if i should buy it from US or HK? my dad's going to Texas in mid oct while i may be going to Hongkong for a hol in end oct so i'll be really thankful if someone could help me on the prices here! haha wait a min do both Texas and HK have stock in the first place? oh and i forgot to mention, i'm from Singapore by the way! cheers and i really hope someone could help me out here!
  2. HK, you have to be there right place at the right time to get what you want... they have limited stock and sell out quickly... you might have a better chance of finding it in US if you can... since more stores carry it over in US than HK... good luck! oh and I hear Bbags in Singapore are VERY expensive...
  3. i just picked up a tomato city in SGH today in austin. NM does stock it but i bought the one in austin. call any NM and they can search for you for others that might have it in stock (they have been more than willing to do that for bbags and chanels that i talked to them about). there is a thread in this bal forum that lists the price of all the bags in the US (non eBay) dept store prices, i believe.
  4. alrighty thanks loads for the advice! :biggrin: seems like US is a better place to get it from. haha oh yes singapore is definitely not the place to get a bbag.
  5. The price in HK is pretty much the same as in US (with tax), plus new season style ran out fast.