Can someone help me verify a fake bag?

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  1. hi i'm new to this. i bought a supposed D & G bag on ebay but the bag they sent me wasn't the one in the listing and was fake. [​IMG] i appealed to paypal and they said the following:

    In order to continue with the investigation of your complaint, we must
    request documentation to support your claim that the item is not authentic.
    Please obtain a document from an unbiased, third-party, such as a dealer,
    appraiser, or another individual or organization that is qualified in the
    area of the item in question (other than yourself), which clearly
    identifies the item as not authentic. If possible, the document should
    include a serial number and description of the item, and must be on
    letterhead that includes the name, address, and phone number of the
    individual, business, or organization so that PayPal may contact them if

    i haven't a clue where to find someone to do this & i only have 10days! can anybody help me? [​IMG]:shrugs:
  2. You need to get a letter from an authorized stockist such as Neiman Marcus or Saks
  3. i just filled out a form with my poupette so hopefully that works
  4. Good luck. Paypal had me do this with a Coach bag and I took it to Macys's. The manager signed off that it was not as described in the auction and Paypal still ruled in favor of the seller. I lost.
  5. Paypal can be a joke sometimes i am sorry that you didn't win :confused1:
  6. thats awful! i hope paypal doesn't do that to me. The seller offered me $20 which i refused coz that was nowhere near what i spent. i hope that doesn't go against me