Can someone help me out? :)

  1. I want to purchase my first LV (i bought a speedy several months ago but returned it due to the size, etc.)

    Anyway, a classmate had a great LV bag today, and I didn't get a chance to ask her what it was. I think it was either the Monogram Canvas Cabas Piano or the Monogram Canvas Cabas Mezzo.

    Do any of you own either bag and can post photos of it, so I can get an idea of the size comparison?

    THANKS!! :smile:
  2. Well, generally, the Piano is smaller and the Mezzo is much larger. I'll post more exact measurements in a minute.
  3. Piano: 12" L x 9.8" H x 5" W

    Mezzo: 16" Lx 13" H x 6" W
  4. I would say that if you felt the Speedy 30 was too big for you then the Mezzo would be too big as well, IMO. But yeah, check out the Cabas'll give you a great size reference.
  5. Here are some comparison posted by a fellow tPF'er Sharona this past December:




  6. THANK YOU! You guys are great, this is exactly what I was looking for.

    Thanks again!!!!!


  7. The cabas Mezzo is more a tote bag. The Piano can also fit a lot of stuff, but it's more a purse for daily use than the Mezzo IMO. But both are equally gorgeous! You should definately check out the link to the LV Cabas, it really helps if you have pictures of someone wearing the bags.
  8. I never realized the size difference! WOW!