Can someone help me out w/ the Noe?

  1. How long is the shoulder strap when it is adjusted to the longest length? Thanks so much!
  2. I only have my petit noe on me, but the regular and petit both have the same strap...I get a 13 inch drop.
  3. I think it's an adjustable 28" strap.
  4. thanks for the quick response! is it possible to wear it across my body like a messenger bag?
  5. Yes, it is possible to wear the Noe like a Messenger across your body. ;)
  6. You'd have to be really petite to wear it like a messenger using this strap. I can't wear either Noes as a messenger, and I'm only 5'4".
  7. of your small i think you can wear it like a messenger
  8. I'm 5'4 and 104 lbs if that helps. :wondering I really like the Noe but I want to make sure I can wear it across my body before I get it. :s

    Oh, and you guys are great! Thanks for responding so quick once again. :biggrin:
  9. I'm about 5 lbs heavier than you are, but I don't recommend wearing the Noe as a messenger, esp. if you're going to put a lot of things inside. It really hurts because it hangs on my collar bone and neck.

    You'll need the strap that is attached to the keepall if you want to wear it as a messenger. I put a picture of myself wearing both Noes in the visual aids (on my shoulder only) in case you want to see how the strap looks.
  10. Thanks! I'll go take a look at it now. If it's not too much trouble, can you take a pic of it as a messenger?
  11. ^Ack, sorry, I should've worded my reply better. I don't have the keepall strap. I meant to say that I had the original straps only (if you see it, the original straps are too short to wear as a messenger unless you're really short and petite).
  12. oh okay, thank you so much. you helped a lot! ... but i still have a lot of thinking to do XD
  13. I'm short and love wearing cross-body messenger style. I don't think is possible with a Noe. I tried mine on last night. I'm 5'2''
  14. I saw a girl like this at the mall on Sunday. She was very petite and flat chested. She looked hot. I on the other hand, am neither petite or flat chested so I can't rock the bag this way. LOL.
  15. I tried to wear it accross my body yesterday like a meesenger bag and couldn't. I have the MC Petit Noe. Maybe it has a different strap than the Mono or Epi:shrugs: