Can someone help me out please

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  1. hi all, I was telling my daughter about the lady with so many Hermes bags & the wonderful closet & for the life of me I can't remember the thread title, can some one point me in the right direction so my daughter can enjoy an afternoon drooling over all the lovely bags.
  2. No it wasn't that one but omg I've not seen that one before:nuts:
    The one I'm thinking of is the lady that had a new house built & posted the pics of her new closet. Her avatar is a picture of her Hermes on a big sweeping staircase.
    Thanks for that though it will keep me busy for a while.
  3. Is it peanutbabycakes?
    If so you can find it under Bag,Bag,Bags click Your Bag Showcase, the thread tittle is 'welcome to PBC's lil' frech boutique'
    Im sorry but i dont know how to post links..
  4. That's it thank you :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.