Can Someone help me locate.......

  1. This bag that Sienna Miller is seen carrying? I found out it's part of the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection and it's called Faridah.I can't seem to find it anywhere.I checked ebay,Shopbop ( which is known to sell his handbags) and the offical site.Nothing! It's become very frustrating to locate this bag, i'm beginning to give up that I'll ever own this bag. :sad:

    Anyone know anywhere that I might be able to purchase it ?

  2. anyone ? any help at all would be great! :sad:
  3. I think it is a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag called the Faridah Hobo in the Chalk Stripe. Something like that - if you do a board search you will find some discussions on that particular bag.
  4. I haven't seen this bag online in ages....someone posted something last week about it reappearing on Zappos Couture website, but I think it's sold out since. I would try eBay if you don't find it somewhere else. Have you thought about calling the Marc by Marc Jacobs stores? There are a few of them around...maybe they can do a search for you?

    Good luck!
  5. It also comes in a satchel style, both are very cute and nautical imo
  6. please do not post photos of counterfeit handbags here:throwup: