Can someone help me know if it's authentic?

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  1. Ok so i saw this sweet deal on ebay. It Reads:
    white chanel bag
    Second hand only used once too big for my liking. Bag in excellent condition, no marks. Mobile phone pocket and zipped pocket on the inside. Tag says chanel.
    Bag measures 30cm wide by 90cm.

    Buy It Now AUS$200
    End time:13-Jun-07 20:45:29 AEST (7 days 20 hours)
    It doesn't appear to have the quilting down the sides as smaller ones have [maybe this model doesn't??]or the phone pocket on the side.
    It looks to have the same straps {tho hard to tell]
    Is the logo supposed to go off the edge?
    I can't tell if there is a monogram CC pattern on the inside? Is it the right colour? Are serials under the tag?
    Does someone out there own a similar bag? I can't find another image close to this?

    Please help. It is too gorgeous to slip past my reach!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart:
  2. authenticity questions should only be asked in the Authenticate This! Chanel sticky provided in the Chanel Shopping Forum.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.