Can someone help me identify this purse?

  1. Hey!

    This is the purse of my best friend, and I'm wanting to buy one for my sister. Of course, my best friend just bought it one day because she liked it, doesn't remember the name of the color or the size of the bag - pretty typical, so I wasn't surprised :smile:

    but I was hoping someone on here could tell me what color this is, because on DB's website it looks like it's 'butter', but when I called around to local stores, they said that camel ended up looking pretty now I'm lost. Also, do you think it's the large one?

    I'll provide a picture (which was taken after a late movie one night...sorry for the horrible picture, I'm actually a photographer, just not much of one with an iPhone at 1:00 am) and a link to DB's website to the one I've figured it is.

    Thanks a million!

    - Ross

    Picture: [​IMG]