can someone help me identify this chanel?

  1. hi ladies...

    im really not familiar with chanel bags..can someone please help me identify the color of this bag and the year it was made? it looks fuschia pink and not baby pink at all...

    TIA:yes: :heart:
  2. ^^gorgeous color. I'm sorry I don't know anything about the pink colors or years when they were released.:shrugs:
  3. This is a classic quilted Chanel bag. It's from a couple years ago (circa 2001). But the condition on this one looks good.
  4. Vrry pretty!:heart:
  5. Do you have it?
    If you tell us the hologram #, that will pinpoint the year definitely.
  6. Oh I love the color! Sooo girlish!!
  7. I think it is the Red modern chain flap--the larger size, $1525. Style A33372. It is roughly the same size as the Medium Classic Flap.
  8. What a beautiful color! I think I saw a girl at my school carrying this bag on a pub night, and I wondered what the color was.
  9. What a fab pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  10. thanks ladies, I just checked the number on the hologram sticker and the start is "7" w/c means it's from 2002-2003 based on the chanel authenticity thread....OMG what color is this bag? could it be just PINK?:confused1:
  11. :nuts: What an amazing color!!! I hope this is available again!!!