Can someone help me identify this bag...Its has BLACK, RED and GREEN on it..

  1. Hello!

    I am looking for a Bbag that was released somewhere last year. trimming is leather but I believe the the main part is velvet and has red and green link pictures on it.

    Hope someone can help. Thanks!:heart:
  2. the only bbags i've ever seen with black, red and green are the rasta bags...
    i think they were released in 2005 or 2006...
  3. Yes! Are they available anywhere?

    And does it come in the work?

  4. yes, it came in a city and work, but it's no longer in stores...
    it was a special edition bag...
    your best bet is eBay...
  5. ^ah boo! One last question, does anyone know if it ever came iN a white version?
  6. anyone?
  7. I have hardly ever seen any Rasta bags AT ALL. It will be pretty surprising if you ever manage to find a Work. The one I've seen turn up on eBay a couple of times has been the Day style (well, the closest style to a Day...I don't think it had the buckles, etc.)

    I don't remember a white color, but I am sure that's possible. Esiders is a bit of an expert on Rasta bags; you might want to PM her. I think the Work Rasta is one of her HG's ... don't know if she's found it yet.
  8. I am sending you a pm.
  9. ^thank you! everyone is really helpful here!