can someone help me ID this bag on Jessica Simpson

  1. Hmm, that's tough. No distinguishing features...could it be one from her line?
  2. theres white stitchin on the side of the bag... which makes me think it might b a FENDI but not sure at all..:s
  3. Michael Kors maybe?
  4. Not sure. I'm not really feeling it, though. Usually I love her bags!
  5. i think it's a great everyday/neutral bag!
    i didn't think it was from her line since she RARELY carries/wears anything from her line.
  6. It's gone!
  7. I Think Its A Michael Kors
  8. So it's a FENDI then? Glad you found out! I was wontering the same looks so nice and smushy! I love it!
  9. LOL. So true. What a hypocrite!

  10. I was thinking the same thing...Has anyone ever seen J.Lo wear her line (except perhaps for promotional purchases)...Has anyone ever seen Jessica carry one of her "own" bags? Ha.
  11. ^^^True, true, true. It's like saying.."They're great quality everyone...just not good enough for us!" LOL!!