can someone help me ID a purse??

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  1. So I have seen a bag that I really want to get about 3 different times and went into the store this weekend to ask about it and was told it was sold about 2 seasons ago and is no longer available. Well I want to try and find it on eBay but have no idea of the name so I was wondering if anyone can help me out?

    It's a smaller sized bag, fits on the shoulder, has a braided rolled single handle and comes in the fabric material.

    It's not the Pelham, it's a smaller bag.
  2. ok it looks like this one on the left but it's not as tall...........anywho, can someone give me the name of it??

    (pic is from member kaka's collection)

  3. Please post these questions in NAME THAT GUCCI THREAD!
  4. ok done, sorry Jill, I forgot about that thread. :shame:
  5. ^no Prob!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.